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KPETS’ Informational Presentations*
 are provided to a variety of facilities and groups.  From Hospitals to Boy Scouts to Rotary Clubs, KPETS’ educational, fun and interactive presentations are available to your group or organization, at a reasonable donation to help us cover our costs and continue to provide critical services in our communities.  The following are some examples of KPETS’ presentations:

  1. Pet therapy and its many benefits to individuals and organizations
  2. Responsible pet ownership and pet safety
  3. Interactive, just-for-fun or theme ‘parties’
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Request a KPETS Visit*  In recent years, the benefits of pet therapy in rehabilitative and learning environments have become more and more widely recognized.  KPETS provides this critical service to hospitals, long-term care facilities, educational programs, and children and adults with special needs, providing approximately 8000 hours of pet therapy services every year at no cost, through our more than 300 volunteer teams.

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“KPETS’ involvement with the Schreiber Pediatric  Rehab Center has been a tremendously positive experience. We look forward to expanding their involvement with our facility as we continue to service the needs of the children in our community.”Nancy Herrman, PT, PCS, Physical Therapist, Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist

“You can’t describe the feeling that you get when you sense that the patient is getting so much enjoyment from the pet.”

Jeanne Beckley, from an interview on ABC 27 “The Healing Power of Pets” / Interview with Valerie Pritchett at Hershey Medical Center

“We’ve also had great comments from other facilities you’ve visited…The combination of your volunteers and the dogs are magic. Everywhere you go the clients or residents benefit greatly from the healing effects of the bond between human and animal.”

Kate Quinn, Former Director, Volunteer Center, United Way of Lancaster County


* Requests may be submitted for groups or individuals of organizations and facilities.

Any requests for private individuals must be submitted by third party, not by the individual themselves. Private requests need to have a referral or reference for the request (from a doctor, social worker, caregiver, etc.)

A summary of your request will be posted on the KPETS Konnections Page for KPETS volunteers to view. Your contact information will be posted for them to contact you directly. Personal information regarding the person(s) visited will not be included. You may share that with the volunteer(s) privately when they contact you. We will keep the information on file only for our records.

Once the request is posted, you will be sent a link to your listing where you will be able to view comments and/or add additional information.