Did  you know KPETS. . .

  1. does not charge for pet therapy services?
  2. has over 300 therapy teams serving our local communities?
  3. accepts requests for therapy visits and koordinates KPETS teams to fill those requests?
  4. services are free to the community, but providing these services has a cost?
  5. survives on donations and community support?
  6. needs your help?

There are many easy ways to help KPETS

  1. Become a Resourse Sponsor . . . Pledge to sponsor one of KPETS fixed expenses (for the year or just one month each  year)
  2. Become a Paw Sponsor . . . Gold, Silver or Bronze Paw Sponsors are greatly appreciated and recognized all year long on our website
  3. Check out our Wish List . . . Postage is always helpful. Legal or Financial pro bono service is needed on an on-call basis ( or more if interested!)
  4. Annuity ? ? ? ? Will ???? yadda yadda


Resourse Rent


Internet Services

Resourse Printer

Printer Lease

Resourse Phone


One Annual Sponsor: $5040
Twelve Monthly: $420

Ten more needed
$120 p/month!

  • June – Bill & Carol Hopwood / KPETS Volunteers w/Spenser
  • July – Mary Reinhart – KPETS volunteer w/Summer

4 more needed!
100 monthly

11 More Needed!

  • May – Rob & Deb Reidenbach / KPETS Supporting Members


Contact info@kpets.org
888-68-kpets (888-685-7387)