How do I register as a KPETS Team?

VIP – Volunteers in Process

Registered Volunteers

Having a pet is one of the greatest joys I can think of. But even more so, is sharing that pet with others who may not be as fortunate. If your pet likes meeting new people and enjoys going new places,

Click here to find out how to become a registered KPETS Therapy Team. . .

VIP’s or Volunteers in Process are volunteers working their way through the KPETS registration process.  Click here if this applies to you and you need some help along the way . . . KPETS Registered Therapy Teams can find almost everything they need by clicking here. From our blog to konnect you with requests for visits, to our KPETS Kalendar. You’ll also find additional resourses you may find helpful as you reach out to those in our local communities. . .


KPETS oversees a network of dependable registered volunteer pet therapy teams committed to providing the many therapeutic benefits of the bond between humans and pets, to people with physical, emotional, and mental challenges from all walks of life in a wide variety of settings.  Our more than 300 volunteer teams provide approximately 8000 hours of pet therapy services every year at no cost to individuals in need in our communities.  Sharing our beloved furry friends with others is our way of giving a bit of comfort and support to those in need in our communities.  As one of our volunteers has said, “Our pets supply us with endless unconditional love; it’s only fair that we share it with others!”


There are many ways to contribute to KPETS’ vision, with or without a pet! 

Volunteer opportunities are always available.

  1. Become a registered pet therapy team through KPETS
  2. Become a team leader for a facility near you
  3. Support KPETS during special events
  4. Join us on visits to assist teams. Take photographs, read stories. . . You don’t need to have a pet to be a blessing!
  5. Assist with demos/presentations
  6. Administrative help – web design, newsletter needs, grant writing, fundraising, etc.

KPETS offers its volunteers support and fun opportunities to grow.

  1. KPETS Keynotes is KPETS’ monthly newsletter and keeps you up to date about upcoming volunteer opportunities, needs and therapy-related articles.
  2. Volunteer Round Table Meetings are held every other month and offer a way for teams to connect, compare ideas and share stories.
  3. KPETS Konnections Blog posts all visit requests online for volunteers to view and cover, whenever possible.
  4. KPETS Kalendar with events and activities to join in!