I am a Registered KPETS Volunteer!

KPETS provides a variety of resources for our registered volunteers.  Please check the following links to important sites and answers to your questions:

KPETS Store is where you can find KPETS vests and scarves for your dog, shirts, hats, bags for you, KPETS magnets and decals for your car. And the KPETS Kalendars too! Be sure to check it out.

Visit Requests are posted on  the KPETS blog.  Here you will find a description of the visit, the contact information, time and location.  Volunteers are encouraged to check the blog regularly as posts are frequently added and/or updated.  You can also post your own experiences and reviews of your visit.

Please visit the KPETS Kalendar where you will find KPETS’ schedule of upcoming events, trainings, workshops, along with orientation dates and locations, plus registration forms and directions.

KPETS has created a Forms Index to house all of the documentation you might need.  Please check here for checklists, veterinary documentation and any volunteer information.

Registered Volunteers are required to submit their volunteer hours (including number of people visited and miles traveled) on a monthly basis at Tickspot.com.  Please use the following format: number of people served, number of miles traveled, ex. 10,15.  Additional notes are not needed.  Click here for a YouTube Instructional Video on how to log your information. Please remember that logging your hours is mandatory for insurance and liability purposes, as stated in the KPETS Volunteer Agreement.  In addition, tracking your volunteer hours and number of people served is critical in supporting our requests for funding from foundations and other donor sources–this documentation is frequently required by funders to demonstrate  our need for specific funding, to continue our mission and services in our communities.

If you are serving a facility not currently listed in Tickspot, please submit a New Facility Form  for insurance purposes.

Annual Renewal of membership…

is necessary for KPETS Volunteers to continue visiting and ensure continuation of their insurance coverage.  Full membership, as an active Handler with one pet is $35;  plus a $5 fee for each additional pet.  Volunteers must sign the Renewal Form which is sent to you in August of each year.

A Re-assessment Group Evaluation…

is required every three years to refresh and review, as well as to address any new guidelines. It is also to insure the pets are still comfortable and appropriate for regular visiting. You will be notified when you are due in your September renewal paperwork. You will then have one year to complete your re-assessment. Click here for dates and locations for the Group Evaluations.

Supporting Membership

Becoming a Supporting Member is a great way to continue helping KPETS serve the community, even after your pet retires.

 Interesting resources of interest