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August 2013
Celebrating 10 Years of 
Touching Lives and Warming Hearts
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September 1, 2013
7:00  - 10:00 PM
Outdoor World, Circle M Ranch
2111 Millersville Rd
Lancaster,PA 17603 

September 7, 2013
9:00 am - 2:30 pm
2900 Oregon Pike
Lancaster, PA  
Volunteers Needed
Oak Leaf Manor South
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 KPETS largest fundraiser is fun for ALL! Come and play Bingo for some GREAT prizes 

Circle M Campground at Outdoor World
in Millersville, PA 
on Sunday, September 1, 2013 
from 7:00  10:00 PM. 

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2014 KPETS Kalendars
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Wendi Mitzel's chihuahua, Meeko ,
posing for the 2014 KPETS' Kalendar.
Read more about Meeko in the story 
"Meeko Makes a Difference"

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KPETS Volunteers
Touching Lives * Warming Hearts
in our communities 
Meeko Makes a Difference!


We were visiting with a group of Autistic children at the library.  The KPETS therapy dogs had made their rounds and said "Hi" to everyone, then the librarian began to read a story to the group of children.  We noticed one boy having a bit of trouble trying to sit quietly and pay attention to the story.  One of the adults was trying desperately to get him to be still and pay attention.  I took Meeko over and asked if he would like to have Meeko sit on his lap while he and Meeko listened to the story together.  He agreed with a big smile!  I placed Meeko's blanket on his lap, and Meeko gently sat in his lap then turned over and laid against the boy's chest.  As the librarian read the story, the boy cuddled and petted Meeko, remaining sitting still during the whole story. 

Once the story was over, he continued to pet and cuddle with Meeko.  The camp staff was amazed and at how quietly and how long the boy remained sitting quietly with Meeko!  Afterwards, the boy did a few tricks with Meeko as his reward for being so patient and sitting quietly.  He was all smiles!  

When the group left, I found out from the librarian that his grandmother had brought the boy in to the library's story time once or twice, but had not been back because he would not sit and listen.  The librarian was going to mention what she witnessed and suggest possibly having Meeko come in with him to story time!  Amazing how a dog can have such a calming effect on children with disabilities.  But, these are Meeko's favorite type of kids to work with.  Boy does he know his job!!  Well done Meeko! 


Please follow Meeko and his pet therapy adventures on Facebook at Meeko the Chihuahua Pet Therapy Dog!


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Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) is most commonly seen in large and giant breed dogs. It is an aggressive cancer that frequently affects the long bones and despite limb amputation and chemotherapy many dogs die from the cancer that spreads to their lungs.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine are now evaluating a new vaccine for dogs that have been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. If your dog has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer or is currently undergoing chemotherapy for bone cancer he/she may be eligible for vaccination.

Details of the study including the benefits of enrollment are available at:

Alternatively you can contact the Principal Investigator of the study Dr. Nicola Mason directly at: or by telephone at: 215 898 3996

A Dog Gone Good Read
- For young readers!
Two books written by Marti Regan, about therapy dogs.

"Lazy Daisy, the Love Dog", is a children's picture book for ages 3-7. The pup, Daisy, is more interested in cuddling and snuggling than in romping and running. Everyone calls Daisy a lazy dog, except Mattie, who thinks her pup is perfect just the way she is. The notion that we are all good at something is realized when Daisy's laziness becomes an asset as she becomes a "love dog" at a hospital.
This book is inspired by the mission of therapy animal programs across the country. As you know, when witnessing the human-animal bond that occurs between hospitalized children and visiting therapy dogs, one recognizes that it takes a special type of dog to be a "love dog." Lazy Daisy, the Love Dog captures this concept in an enchanting tale of a puppy's serendipity route to becoming a therapy dog. The whimsical illustrations skillfully convey Daisy's personality and adventures.
"Reading to My Buddy" is an early reader for 5-7 year olds. Nicki hates to read out loud at school. When she stumbles over words, the other kids laugh at her. She decides to never talk again ... until she meets Buddy, the reading dog.

The impetus for Marti writing these books came from participating with her dog, Sadie, in a therapy dog program in the Washington DC area. Marti now lives in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia with her spouse and a menagerie of animals. For more information about Marti and/or my books, please check her website,

KPETS Across the Rainbow Bridge


Bella Hedrick - 1/18/11 - 7/5/13  
              Bella was a 2 1/2 year old Pomeranian that loved 
        bringing smiles to everyone she met. She enjoyed playing 
        ball, swimming, playing in the mud, dressing up and car 
        rides. When she was 6 months old she had a role in a play 
        for a local theater group, Orangemite Studios. Anyone who 
         meet Bella fell in love with her joyful personality. She will be 
         deeply missed by all who knew her. 


KPETS Delight Residents At Juniper Village

As reported in Elizabethtown-Mount Joy Merchandiser - 07/24/2013 - By Sara D. Ulrich 


Bentley (left) and Sophie, Best in Show winners at Juniper Village's KPETS dog show, donned their biker gear for the costume portion of the event.



An undeniably special bond can exist between animals and humans. Evidence of that bond was on display July 17 as Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services (KPETS) held a dog show for residents of Juniper Village Personal Care Community, 607 Hearthstone Lane, Mount Joy.

Residents met dogs of all breeds, including small dogs like Annie, a cavalier King Charles spaniel who is a retired breeder and loves to visit with her friends at Juniper Village. The largest dog in the show, Tegan, had residents spellbound. As an Irish wolfhound, Tegan may have been the biggest dog, but according to his owner, his personality is more reminiscent of the famous donkey in Winnie the Pooh stories. "He is definitely the Eeyore of dogs," she said. Emerald, a German shepherd and the only puppy who attended, is currently training to be a seeing-eye dog.

A total of ten dogs paraded before a panel of judges comprised of Juniper Village residents and employees. Each dog was introduced by its owner and had the opportunity to perform a few tricks to earn the judges' favor.

Buckley, a one-year veteran with KPETS, elicited chuckles from the audience as he performed his marching trick. Skye, another cavalier King Charles spaniel, delighted residents with numerous tricks including a high-five, dancing, and weaving in and out of her owner's legs as she walked.

Laughter was hard to contain as the costume portion of the show began. While the dogs' faces did not necessarily display their enthusiasm, they all looked adorable in a variety of imaginative costumes. One Labrador retriever donned a dinosaur costume, while another pooch became Batman ... or Batdog, perhaps. Other dogs sported attire such as a Hawaiian grass skirt, devil horns, and even a chicken costume.

Sophie the miniature schnauzer and Bentley the poodle-Pomeranian certainly stole the show with their coordinated wardrobe choices. Their first costumes had them dressed to the nines as bride and groom, while their second showed a tougher edge: biker jackets, hats, and sunglasses.

After much deliberation, the panel of judges awarded gift cards, dog treats, and Juniper Village lanyards to the deserving canines. Sophye the cairn terrier, owned by Sharon McLaughlin, earned the title of Most Obedient. Skye the cavalier King Charles spaniel, owned by Sheree Dietz, won Best Trickster. Best in Show went to the team of Sophie the miniature schnauzer and Bentley the poodle-Pomeranian owned by Cathy Farr and Renee Wagner, respectively.

The fun did not end once awards were handed out. Attendees enjoyed refreshements and eager residents took opportunities to pet and cuddle their favorite pooch. Many of the dogs who competed in the lighthearted show are recurring visitors to Juniper Village.

Cappy the Labrador receives a congratulatory pat on the back from a fan after competing in a lighthearted KPETS dog show for residents of Juniper Village Personal Care Community in Mount Joy.


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* York - Saturday, September 21 and Saturday November 16, 2013
* Westminster - Monday, August 26 @ 7 pm  

* Lancaster - Saturday, August 10 (2nd Sat of even months) @ 9 am

* Hanover - Wednesday, September 25 @ 7 pm


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* Lancaster - 2nd  and 4th Tuesday @ 6:30 pm 

* York - 1st Monday @ 6:00 pm 

* Westminster, MD - Monday, September 4 @ 7 pm 

* Hanover, Wednesday, October 2 @ 7 pm


* Therapy Dog Training Classes: York and Lancaster  Click here to register. 
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Karen Gerth
KPETS - Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services