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New Registered Teams! 
We registered 36 new teams 
so far in 2014!
This month we welcome volunteers Ann Haines with Gracie
Gregg Maberry with Hobbes 
Lisa Baublitz with Piper and Gatsby.

      Celebration of Life
  "Dogs leave their pawprints across our hearts, 
       and we are forever changed."


          With sadness we said goodbye 

to this KPETS dog.

        Mickey June - Friday May 2, 2014 - beloved companion of Rhonda Garns


"She was with us for 10 wonderful years. I never knew my house would be so quiet."




 $10k for 10 More Years 
of Touching Lives / Warming Hearts                           in our communities!
 KPETS is participating in Dream Ride Lancaster presented by Dream Ride Projects on September 20, 2014 to raise funds to continue our services in our local communities.


Whether you're a serious cyclist or ride just for fun there are three ways you can support KPETS.

  1. Get pledges to ride 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 miles  through NW Lancaster County. 
  2. Get pledges to ride on the Susquehanna River Trail.


  3. Sponsor a cyclist:  
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WAGS & WHISTLES Fall Fashion Show 
Canines from KPETS will share the catwalk - among the historic trains in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania- with models showcasing fall fashions courtesy of various Tanger Outlets Lancaster stores.


The fashion show is presented by Tanger Outlets Lancaster, at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, PA on Thursday, August 21 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


The ticket price of $10.00 or $12.00 the day of the show includes:

  • the fashion show
  • a Tanger Outlets Lancaster swag bag with coupons and other great offers
  • a post fashion show meet-and greet with KPETS therapy dogs
  • a random drawing for prizes
  • a post fashion show self-guided tour of the world-class Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania 
  • light refreshments. 


KPETS Teams -To volunteer: Click here for KPETS Konnections and check your                         Wednesday Weekly News and Request Email  for updates.


                     Volunteer Recognition

                         In the Spotlight...


        This month we would like to recognize                                    
Joann Kline 



   Joann is a volunteer we can call on in a pinch to substitute, organize or set up an event. She is our Lancaster "Go To" Volunteer!  You can find Joann and Kappy visiting with residents in a nursing home for love and hugs or entertaining them with a fashion show.   But Joann says working with kids is their passion. They have done presentations for many Lancaster County schools, churches, summer camps and Scout Troops. Since joining us at KPETS in 2011 Joann and Kappy have been a regular visitor at Donegal Intermediate School.  Joann shared, "The teachers at Donegal keep telling me how much they love Kappy. They say kids that don't want to read, if given the choice, recess for 25 minutes or read to Kappy,  pick read to Kappy!"
    We thank you not only for your regular visits but for filling so many of our last minute requests, for staffing booths, and supporting us in fundraisers! We know that you and Kappy have Touched the Lives and Warmed the Hearts of so many in our community!
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.  ~Elizabeth Andrew
THANK YOU for all that you do! 

A Thank You from a Fourth Grade Student
Dear Joann,
       Thank you for letting me and all the students in fourth grade read to Kappy! We all loved it really much and we all loved Kappy and you! We are very grateful that you give up your time to come  and let kids that you are unfamiliar with read to your personal dog! I loved reading to Kappy.  I just wanted to let you know that we were all VERY thrilled to read to Kappy!  I think that Kappy is a very nice and loving dog! When you came for the first time and told us about Kappy's history and how she failed the exam I was very excited the moment I got there and was VERY sad to hear that she had failed her exam. I was so glad to hear that she would be coming every Friday to read to fourth grade.  


Sam and Sharon and Family
Mount Joy, PA  
A Thank You to our York Volunteer Teams!
What a wonderful event York College was able to provide our students on Fri. May 9! We eagerly anticipate inviting KPETS on campus each semester. It's truly been a blessing to have such dedicated owners and friendly dogs to greet our students. We consistently receive positive feedback from them about how much they enjoyed mingling with you and the dogs for relaxation and because they miss their own pets while away at college.


Thank you for helping us reach out to students during a stressful time of year. We anticipate our future events with your group!



Jessi Nocella on behalf of York College

                                       Reading to Murphy  
  Murphy and Helena Murray provide a listening ear to children at Moores Memorial Library in Christiana, PA for its Reading to Murphy Program.

Helena and Murphy
Sharon McLaughlinand Mollie

                 Taking a break from reading! 
Sharon McLaughlin's Mollie loves to hear stories that children read to her, being on the receiving end of a hug is good too! 

Another School Year Comes to a Close

We just finished up the school year at Paradise Elementary School reading program. It has been very rewarding experience, and I look forward to doing it again next year


Carol Carlson and Bob


Get Konnected/Stay Stay Konnected! 
KPETS Round Table   
News from the Spring Gatherings


Lancaster:   Volunteers had a great time at their May Round Table gathering. Our Facebook Komradery Group for our Registered teams is one of the many great ideas shared!  We are also organizing a KPETS picnic for all registered volunteers and their pets.  Look for more information for both of these in your Weekly News and Request Email


Westminster, MD:  Our Westminster Area Round-tables provide an informal opportunity for the

human half of local teams to get together for a little "networking".  Some of the topics often discussed are training opportunities, new facilities to visit, handling tips, etc.  We usually meet on Thursday evenings about once every other month.  Contact Laurie Walters ( for more information.  


York: The York Round table gathering was held on May 10th at Old Country Buffet.  There were 16 volunteers in attendance.  Why and how to file hours on Tickspot was discussed as well as many emotional stories of how our furry kids have touched the lives of those we visit. Our next gathering will be Wednesday, October 15th at Old Country Buffet.

Barb Noll presenting neck wallet to Jennifer Oswald for 50 hours of service.
Westminster Round Table Gathering



 New York, NY - In an effort to honor the thousands of therapy dog teams that make a difference in the lives of others daily, the American Kennel ClubŪ (AKCŪ) has added four new titles to the popular AKC Therapy DogTM program.  In addition to the AKC Therapy Dog (ThD) title (awarded after 50 visits), the AKC now offers:  

 AKC Therapy Dog Novice (ThDN) - Awarded after 10 visits . AKC Therapy Dog Advanced (ThDA) - Awarded after 100 visits . AKC Therapy Dog Excellent (ThDX) - Awarded after 200 visits . AKC Distinguished Therapy Dog (ThDD) - Awarded after 400 visits

"The AKC heard from many dog owners whose dogs had already earned the ThD title and who wanted additional formal recognition of their ongoing commitment to volunteering to help others. We're pleased to expand the AKC Therapy Dog program as a result of these requests," said Doug Ljungren, Vice President of AKC Sports and Events. "We've also added a way to acknowledge beginning therapy dogs, hoping that this will encourage even more dogs and owners to participate in therapy dog work."

Dogs who are registered and approved by recognized therapy dog organizations may apply to earn the AKC Therapy Dog titles, which will be listed on the dog's AKC title record. Any dog, including mixed breeds, can earn AKC Therapy Dog titles as long as the dog is AKC-registered, listed with AKC Canine Partners or enrolled in the Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program. AKC does not train or certify therapy dogs.

Applications for the new titles will be accepted beginning June 1st, with titles awarded beginning July 1st.  

To apply for a title or learn more about the AKC Therapy Dog program, click here.

Do you have...                                                       

* a story about a recent or memorable KPETS visit 

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* a great pet related book you'd like to recommend 
* a memorial to a beloved KPETS partner who has recently passed 


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                                    Visit Requests
There are so many open requests and we need our teams  to fill them. 
Here's where you can find them... 
1.  Weekly Request Update email every Wednesday
  • On, scroll over "Konnect w/KPETS" menu
  • Click on the Konnecting Page and 
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Info for New Volunteers and VIP's (Volunteers in Process)
* Space may be limited. Registration Required / Dates subject to change!
Upcoming Orientations:  Click here to register.
* York - Saturday, July 19 (3rd Sat of odd months) @ 9 am

* Lancaster - Saturday, June 14 (2nd Sat of even months) @ 9 am

* Westminster, MD - Aug 18 @ 7 pm

* Hanover - Sept 24 @ 7 pm


Workshops: Offered in two formats - to choose what's best for you. 


Click here to register for the one-time test option at the following locations


* Lancaster - 2nd Tuesday (4th Tuesday as needed) of every month @6:15 pm 

* York - 1st Monday of every month @ 6:00 pm 

* Hanover - Wednesday, October 1 @ 7 pm

* Westminster, MD - Monday, August 25 & 7 pm


* Therapy Dog Training Classes: (optional class offered for those who would like additional guidance) in York (Keystone Dog Training), Lancaster (Oscar's Pet Resort and Dog Sense) and Westminster, MD   Click here for more info

Thank you all for making KPETS what it is and taking us to where we are today!

Let's continue Touching Lives * Warming Hearts in our local communities! ! !


Karen Gerth
KPETS - Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services