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Dream Ride Lancaster
  Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 20th. KPETS is participating. 



Whether you're a serious cyclist or ride just for fun there are two ways you can support KPETS.


1. Bicycle the western and northwestern Lancaster countryside in a        10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 mile ride or 


2. Family Fun Ride on Linear Trail


Click here for more info. We'll be adding updates as we learn more. So be sure to keep your eyes open for more information on our website and Facebook!

2015 Kalendar Photoshoot
Monday, May 19th (Raindate:  Tuesday, May 20th) 

Beth Cardwell Photographer will be taking pictures for our 2015 KPETS Kalendar again this year! This year our Kalendar is going to be a collage of individual photos.

    As a thank you for those teams who log their hours, we are filling our time slots with teams that logged over 30 hours in 2013.


Click here for more information


Woof Stock with the Lancaster Barnstormers
To participate in this event we must sell 15 tickets. 

The field box seats are $12 per

The Woof Stock Combo (lawns eat, hot dog, chips, soda and dog biscuit) are $10 per

 If we sell the 15 tickets we will be looking for teams to staff our KPETS table.

Sunday, June 1, 2014
Game Time: 1:00pm

Woof Stock plus an appearance by the Phillie Phanatic! Cylo's Birthday,Ribbon Day, Dog Bowl Giveaway to the first 1000 fans! 

Please let us know if you are interested in a ticket at


Shop for a Cause !
 We won $500 this year!

  Red Rose Hearing Center, 
for sponsoring our participation  again this year!
A special thank you to all the volunteers who gave up a beautiful Saturday to participate!  We heard so many wonderful compliments about the dedicated KPETS volunteers and their outstanding companions!! 
Thank you to all the following volunteers!
  Joann /Kappy, Robin /River, Harriet Corky, Rose Katieann,  Nancy /Buckley, Brenda Joey, 
Missy /Chance, Marilyn Gretchen, Heather Romeo, Angie Gewels, Joe /Belle + Lisa Cadie, Bruce & Fran  with Mocha & Java, Trish & Amos with Abby & Liberty.
We want to especially thank Joann for setting up our booth and doing a last minute second shift.
                     Volunteer Recognition
                         In the Spotlight...


This month we would like to honor
 all the volunteers who logged between 40 and 50 hours of service in 2013. 
                        We thank you all for your dedication to KPETS!


We know that you have Touched the Lives and Warmed the Hearts of so many in your communities!!  We  thank you not only for filling visit requests but for staffing booths, doing presentations and supporting us in fundraisers.  
Carol Carlson

Fran Holt

Kristin Platzer

Nan Hanshaw

Charlene Latta

Kevin Smith

Cindy Marshall

Pam Dochter


Deb McConville

Kim Showalter

Mary Stauffer

Sharon Schwemmer

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.  ~Elizabeth Andrew
THANK YOU for all that you do! 

    Thank you Jack and Cindy!
Kamysta and Jack

5 years later Jack is still there for Kamysta!
 Ronald McDonald House states that it is "the house that love built."  Lots of hands, hearts, and paws added to, and continue to add to the construction.  The foundation becomes stronger with each child that is served, each family that is cared for, and each relationship that is established.  Relationships can last one night, one week, one month, or many years. Jack and his little buddy, Kamysta began their puppy love relationship when Kamysta was staying at the RMH when her sister was a patient at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center over three years ago.  And when Kamysta found herself a patient living at the RMH for an extended period of time, their connection blossomed!  Happily they still see each other when she returns for check-ins.  There is quite the exchange of wags and kisses when the two reunite.  What a blessing to see her laughing and loving one of our KPETS' dogs with the glow of health on her face!
-Cindy Stewart and Jack 


Stress Buster at York College

Thank you!


What a beautiful day it was to spend outside with the students and staff of York College!!  The KPETS' teams attending this Stress Buster Day to relieve the students of exam jitters were:


Kim and sweet Maya
Leigh and gorgeous red-headed Nellie
Rose and beautiful brown- eyed Katieann
Susan and Max with the soft silky fur
Jean and "I'll walk myself, if you please" Freddie
and of course my handsome Rubin.


We no sooner stepped onto the grass and the students surrounded our dogs, who were more than willing to soak up all the affection. The well trained dogs performed tricks over and over, and Rubin laid on his back to receive lots of belly rubs.  Our thanks to all who made this a wonderful day!!

Pizza and Pups Thank You


  Six dedicated teams came out Tuesday, April 29th from 6:30-7:30 pm to New Oxford Elementary School for their Pizza and Pups night.  This is an evening for the school's Title 1 readers to come out and enjoy an evening of reading to the dogs, a slice of pizza, and their parent/guardian can learn some strategies to help them succeed.  It was very well attended on this wet and rainy eve.  I believe the final count was over 100 students!!  Judging by all the smiles, I would say the kids had a great time.  I even noticed that some kids wanted to keep reading to the dogs rather than go eat pizza... wow!  What can we say, our dogs are #1!  Thanks to the following six teams each student who attended was able to read to at least one dog: 


Grace Myers and Banjo
Tina Issacs and Abigail
Tom Miller and Sadie
Pam Miller and Shiloh
Crystal Wilcox and Chloe
Wendi Mitzel and Meeko


Your time and dedication is so greatly appreciated!  Keep up the great work!
Wendi and Meeko
Abigail listening to a story.
Crystal and Chloe
Meeko warming hearts.


May Day / Dog Play at John Rudy Park



A BIG thank you to all who made Saturday, May 3 at May Day / Dog Play at John Rudy Park such a success!!! 

It was a beautiful day (at least we got the canopy down and cleared out before the showers came) with lots of dogs and loads of people stopping by our booth to discover who KPETS is and what we do. 

Not all the other dogs were well-behaved or well-mannered, but I'm proud to say all the KPETS dogs were WONDERFUL in remaining calm and oblivious to all the distractions. I heard so many people say they were the best behaved group of all the dogs there!!! Even the dog trainer who came over to talk to me commented "What well trained dogs they all are." 

Here is listing of all who deserve a pat on the back!! KPETS teams are the BESTEST!
Heidi & OliverRose & Katieann
Scott & Zulu
Kirsten & ZuluLisa & Piper & GatsbyChrystal & Chloe
Cheyenne & Surf
Fran & OrkaHarriet & Rubin & Corkey
MaryAnn & ImariChristine &  JoJo & JagrJanelle & Bouy
* multiple dogs were alternated....
Laurie and Puck
Our Maryland Teams Honored...
  On Saturday April 5, 2014 several members of KPETS and BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) were honored at the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office Annual Appreciation Ceremony to kick off the Victims' Rights' Week which ran 4/6-4/12/14 this year.  It was a cold and windy day but many turned out for the event to enjoy the company, delicious food, and warm coffee.  Even the dogs were treated to some special snacks!  


   Volunteers from both these organizations were individually
Deb with Lassie
recognized by Carroll County's elected State's Attorney, Mr. Jerry Barnes, for their hours spent encouraging and assisting young victims and their families as they proceed through the trial process. 


Wendi and Meeko
The following KPETS teams were honored for their time and dedication with certificates:  
*Sharon Schwemmer with Fleuri (the French Bulldog)
*Lola (the Boston Terrier)
*Janet Knight with Blue the Bloodhound
*Laurie Walters with Puck the English Springer Spaniel
*Dee Muskin with Hailey the Goldendoodle
*Deb McConville with Lassie the Sheltie  
Sharon with Lola and Fleuri
Dee and Hailey
*Wendi Mitzel and Meeko the Chihuahua were honored to receive an engraved plaque for their many hours of encouragement and help given to the State's Attorney's Office. 
 A Note from the Office of State's Attorney For Carroll County
The dedication and support of the therapy dogs and their owners provided our community with a unique resource for children victim/witnesses.  This addition to our justice system adds a comfort and friendly atmosphere for children in need during one of the most difficult times in their lives.  The services provided by KPETS is a valuable resource for our crime victims and is greatly appreciated by the victims/witness and the staff of the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office.
 - Jerry F. Barnes, State's Attorney


KPETS received a $100 donation as a thank you for visits provided by Wendi Mitzel, Sharon Schwemmer, and Jan Knight following the trials of three criminal cases involving sexual abuse of children.  

  The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers. 


A Dog Gone Good Read! 
Westminster Fall Fest
Jan and Blue
A Great book for the dog lovers 
in your life!
Hi Everyone, 
   I just had a book published about Blue and it is available through In about 9 days, the book will be available electronically. It is called 
Blue The Bloodhound Therapy Dog
  and it is a children's book tracing Blue's life from puppyhood to becoming a therapy dog. Check it out. The price is right.
  - Jan Knight  
KPETS Volunteer
A Thank You from Millersville University 
             We had a wonderful three days of pet therapy courtesy of KPETS.  Thank you so very much for your help in getting us such great dogs and folks! 

Kelsey Backels, Ph.D. - Chair/Director

Center for Counseling and Human Development

We want to thank Millersville for their $100 donation!!!


Thank you to all the teams who volunteered 
at the Fourth Annual Lancaster Pet Day in Lancaster...
Troyconner+Carolekirchnerat Lancaster pet day
Troy with Brody and Carole with Leo
Carole K /dog-Leo, Troy C/dog-Brody, 
Mary R/dog-Summer, Lisa M/dog-Cadie,
Stephanie W/cat -Biggie,
Marlene V/ dog-Happy, 
Nancy B/dog-Buckley, Melissa K/dog-Chance,
and April H/dog- Harper
Biggie and Happy


 Round Table Gatherings 
Get Konnected / Stay Konnected! 
All Invited!


Lancaster: Thursday, May 15 at 6:30 pm in the Blair Room at 630 Janet Ave. Lancaster, PA.                        Contact Trish Hess at


Westminster, MD:   Thursday, May 22nd at 6:00 pm  in Room "C" at the Carroll Count Ag Office.  Contact:  Laurie Walters at  


York just had one but watch for next one coming up.


Lebanon and Harrisburg areas  - Hopefully we'll get that them going soon.


If you'd like to start one in your area, let us know. and we'll get the word out and give you contacts to those in your area! 

Teams in Action Tuesdays

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Send your pictures to


 Guidelines -

1. Be sure to let us know who, what, when, and where

2. A Photo Authorization Form of identifiable non-KPETS people must be sent to the KPETS' office.  

3. We can blur faces if no authorization for is available.

Do you have...                                                       

* a story about a recent or memorable KPETS visit 

* a photo

* a fabulous treat or toy that your KPETS partner loves 

* a great pet related book you'd like to recommend 
* a memorial to a beloved KPETS partner who has recently passed 


If you have something you'd like to share with our Newsletter readers, please send details and any photos to us at


                  Remembering Scooby...


Scooby Bechtel - KPETS volunteer since 2009 along with Wayne and Judy Bechtel passed on Jan 4, 2014 at the age of 11.6 years old.
Scooby's favorite KPETS events were "reading" with kids at the Domestic Violence shelter and meet and greats at Oregon Dairy fundraisers.

A pic from when we had a yard sale and raised money for KPETS with the Mystery machine event. Thanks!

                                    Visit Requests
There are so many open requests and we need our teams  to fill them. 
Here's where you can find them... 
1.  Weekly Request Update email every Wednesday
  • On, scroll over "Konnect w/KPETS" menu
  • Click on the Konnecting Page and 
  • Type in your email address and click "FOLLOW"

Info for New Volunteers and VIP's (Volunteers in Process)
* Space may be limited. Registration Required / Dates subject to change!
Upcoming Orientations:  Click here to register.
* York - Saturday, May 17 (3rd Sat of odd months) @ 9 am

* Lancaster - Saturday, June 14 (2nd Sat of even months) @ 9 am

* Westminster, MD - Aug 18 @ 7 pm

* Hanover - Sept 24 @ 7 pm


Workshops: Offered in two formats - to choose what's best for you. 


Click here to register for the one-time test option at the following locations


* Lancaster - 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month @ 6:30 pm 

* York - 1st Monday of every month @ 6:00 pm 

* Hanover - Wednesday, October 1 @ 7 pm

* Westminster, MD - Monday, August 25 & 7 pm


* Therapy Dog Training Classes: (optional class offered for those who would like additional guidance) in York (Keystone Dog Training), Lancaster (Oscar's Pet Resort and Dog Sense) and Westminster, MD   Click here for more info

Thank you all for making KPETS what it is and taking us to where we are today!

Let's continue Touching Lives * Warming Hearts in our local communities! ! !


Karen Gerth
KPETS - Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services